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Real Estate Prices And Rents Continue To Rise

by Brianna - June 7th, 2014.
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In the year 2014 from the trend continues 2010 – move the prices of real estate and housing experts and market researchers are the real estate prices and rent safe (definition rent – rent) will follow in 2012 the trend that is known from the old year and continue to rise. Especially since the construction rates are currently very cheap a real estate worth buying at the moment so much. Already with the end of winter to verify these predictions and the prices shoot. Who is still undecided so no longer should all wait too long. Growing cities expect particularly strong increases will be hit particularly hard objects in growing cities after expert statements in the coming year.

Expected price increases of up to 25 percent. This trend reflected in the rental, which should grow between 1.5 and 5 percent. Not affected by this trend one – and two-family homes are here but stagnant rates are expected. Real estate as investment demand is interesting mainly in the to justify the increasing interest of investors in real estate. This trend continues since the real estate crisis 2008 always and attracting more and more investors in this area of the investments. For the coming year, experts at the number of real estate investors expect an increase of well over 10 percent. The real estate is again a very interesting investment object eventually become also the forecast for the next 5 years foresees rising real estate prices. Here, it is however important to real estate in densely populated regions or parts of the country with a large population growth. Only this condition ensures more demand and rising prices.

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