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Silvia Cue

by Brianna - February 5th, 2014.
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It is very important to know to manage the three separately, without exceeding the limit physical and technical. Finding the balance without ceasing to be fast. If we force too some of the previous aspects, we could err in career planning. We must focus on keeping a good pace in which, we find comfortable. Do the new edition of the Dakar, in theory, it seems much more physical in previous editions do not? Personally I think Yes.

Everything depends on the conditions of each one but a priori, we have a very demanding Dakar. Technical areas, generate a very important pilot wear and Additionally, pilots are exposed to extreme temperatures which, in any case, will help the development of the bike. On the other hand, will be very hard stages that we cannot afford to not the slightest mistake, whereupon, this creates an extra stress for the pilot. Marc and Joan face the new edition with great enthusiasm and wanting some mad fight for victory. New engine regulations, will affect in some way in the strategic approach of the race? Rhythm can directly impact on the mechanics of the bike wear even though this is a factor that we cannot predict. If it is true that the new legislation has allowed that many manufacturers and teams decide to participate in the trial but the strategic approaches is a subject of each.

We all have the same route, the same conditions and very similar mechanics, so the test is open. I have the feeling that we are before a very exciting Dakar. It is difficult to make an assessment and know how this we can affect. I believe that we must arrive at the stage of rest in good physical condition to face a second part of the test with guarantees. Novellas Communication / Dept. of communication AMV phone: Guillem Novellas 625336852 / Silvia Cue: 902125750 original author and source of the article

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