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by Brianna - May 3rd, 2019.
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Over three quarters of respondents stated Finally, so Sandberg that foods with freshness indicator rather than conventional would be purchased at ceteris paribus.” They were also willing to pay an extra charge for more quality and freshness assurance. The basic idea of a freshness indicator based on TTI is the visualization of the cold chain, added we want a display offer the expiration date, which changes with time progresses, so discolored, and the freshness condition of food can be read after the harvest, slaughter or the production immediately to fresh makes and lose quality,”says Marc Badi, Sales Director labels & consumables for Bizerba. The Bizerba TTI system label functions based on a printing ink developed by Ciba, which enabled changes its color with light – from colorless to blue. During the rest of the time, this reaction is reversed. The back coloring of blue to colorless goes all the faster, higher is the temperature. “” “In practice this means: is the ideal temperature, or the number of predefined durability days is exceeded, the label changed the color of fresh” about nor consumption suitable “to no longer consumable”. Thus it provides a reliable control of the cold chain from production to the consumer at a glance until clearly prove, to checkout, which can producer fresh, cold injuries can be documented and assign appropriate costs.

Thus, the vision of the transparency of the production to the consumer could become reality. The study results demonstrated according to Badr, that introducing a freshness indicator brings significant advantages for customers and trade: both get more security with freshness and shelf life. The consumer can see before and after the purchase whether the product according to the instructions of the manufacturer has been stored. Because otherwise the forecast of date of minimum durability would become obsolete. In trading on a such indicator sets, also the customer loyalty will improve through the increase in customer confidence, because quality is today more than ever a differentiator in the competitive food trade”sums up Badr. A message from NeueNachricht.

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