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by Brianna - April 20th, 2020.
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The place has been filled with earth improperly harming the biodiversity of the place, this region possesss one ground elaborated with fills with earth of rubbish, solid residues of diverse materials as collected garbage bags, gravel of workmanships and tires, are this the inhabitants of the region to glide a land for the construction use some dumps-cart of fill with earth removed of another improper region. The presence of residues mixed to the ground for expansion of lands, invading the water presents physical, chemical and biological contamination, in determined areas has presence of eutrofizao in the existence of plants in putrefao state, of this form reaching the sea fauna, as well as migratory birds that use the place to feed themselves, domestic animals and human beings that run the risk to be carrying of diverse patologias as clera, verminoses and leptospirose among others. Beyond the solid and liquid pollution of the region for action of the resident community in the place, to the side of this community, it has a chemical industry of oil refinement, that collaborates for the emission of pollutants to the environment, this it is an industrial region, as it could be seen in the images has the presence of diverse plants around, of fished, fertilizing, nourishing products of cleanness and. In a way in general it is possible to identify the presence of some existing types of pollution, in the ground, the water and the atmosphere. The effluent domestic servants and industrials contribute with the introduction of organic and bacterial load, fecal origin and with increase of some composites. This makes to increase the biological demand of oxygen, what it could bring damages for the aquatic fauna, placing at risk the ecological balance of the region. In the dark water and with strong odor the moss presence can be observed, shoals of fish, insects that sobrevoam, domestic garbage and birds if feeding of fish and other organisms. .

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