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by Brianna - April 20th, 2020.
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Then a clutch laid a number of bricks as evenly as possible, align the mortar. To put this number in two layers of waterproof roofing felt or tar paper. It is better to put these materials do not dry, and the mastic (bitumen felt – on the asphalt, roofing felt – to Degteva). Placed on top sealing the second row of bricks, and it almost reaches the level of the finished floor. Put itself above the stove. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gregory Williamson. When, during the construction of furnaces, the foundation lay bricks, we also do it on the penultimate series of waterproofing, which last for a number of brick kiln fuses kladki.Gidroizolyatsiya suction of ground water from which the oven will soar, and brick – gradually break down.

Laying the foundation for the construction of furnaces, it must be remembered that it is forbidden to dress to the foundation walls of the house, because there are different sludge and furnace walls, as a result of the foundation of the furnace may become distorted and ruin the clutch. Foundation of the furnace must defend from the foundation at home for at least 50 mm. The gap between them covered with sand. The foundations of the stove pipe and the root should run independently of each druga.Vypolniv foundation, the space between it and the ground to sleep and rams. Guided by the above outlined concept, and the basics of proper design stoves Podgorodnikov, we define the basic rules design centers with ductless convective systems: hood (top and bottom) can be any shape, round, rectangular, L-shaped, U-shaped, etc., is not permitted within the deck (upper or lower) do consecutive caps, so when the subsequent cover will warm up worse than the previous.

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