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by Brianna - November 20th, 2013.
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They are in the business of making money. If you looks at them and feel them, they make money because you choose to buy the product that they sell!You are the customer of the media. It can be released now by choosing a different reality. If you It’s okay, everything else will be fine. It is not upside down. You say to yourself: when the economy improves, I will be happy. I will be happy when there is a new President.

When the property market real estate back up, I’ll be happy. Instead, learn to see the blessing behind every challenge. There is a gift for you hidden in the recession. The first step you need to take to reach that hidden gift and change any pain that you have in your life is to be willing to just say: thanks to the recession and any adversity that you have in your life. Saying thank you is a way to let the views and prejudices will be.

It is to realize that we know nothing. To say thanks, allow you one part of us more wise, it has the solutions say: thank you without attachments or expectations. Say thanks and kept open and flexible. You never know what can result from saying thank you. Prepare for a miracle. Say thank you is to let go their opinions and criteria. It is given It has that we don’t know anything. To say thanks, we allow that part of us that knows more, that has the solutions to all our problems, inspire us and bring us what is perfect and right at the perfect time. Wake up!! Make use of their free will, their own criteria. Understand the power of their thoughts. You are the creator and created by your thoughts. His thoughts are like magnets. Ask yourself: what I’m attracting my life now? and find out what they are thinking.

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