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The Situation

by Brianna - February 29th, 2024.
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The abuse he had received that morning by her superiors was still upset and did not want her parents or her boyfriend could see it in those conditions. He wanted to walk in the park .- The fresh air will help me calm down, he thought. He walked slowly and inhaled the aroma intensity of the flowers, trying to put a parenthesis in what had happened, when he felt something in his throat prevented him from entering its air lungs. Marta, her friend of a lifetime! Her boyfriend for 6 years! They were there, hugging and kissing passionately. Bewildered and not knowing what to do, he hid behind a tree to avoid being seen. We watched for several minutes, as if he needed to make sure they were, but knew that was not to confirm anything.

Blinking repeatedly, as if trying in that split second that lasted their eyes closed, delete the situation he was facing itself. He decided at that time could not face the situation that was before him. Back slowly, retracing his steps. They were so engrossed with each other, not noticed his presence. "I can not wait this day is over! It was the worst day of my life "She said to herself. Do not know where to go.

I did not want anyone seeing her in that state of confusion, much less wanted to answer to anyone. "Nobody! – Was repeated. When he got home, greeted his mother and told her not felt good. Who had a terrible headache and wanted to go to bed.

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