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Why Do I Need Orthopedic Shoes ?

by Brianna - February 29th, 2024.
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The first steps of any person does barefoot. So inherent nature and conditions are the most useful for the foot – key nerve endings are stimulated by foot, train and develop muscle. But unfortunately the conditions of technogenic Society spoil the perfect picture – the cold floor, sharp objects, dirt and other troubles are not let go barefoot. In this case, without shoes will not do. But not make it worse! At this time the foot, like the whole organism grows and the formation and selection of proper footwear is important as never before. Another name for 'proper' shoes in the world today is the orthopedic shoes. Read more here: Richard LeFrak. For help – Orthopedics, from the Greek. – straight, right and ? – education, education – correct education, Section of Clinical Medicine, studying congenital and acquired deformities and dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system and to develop methods of prevention and treatment.

Most important period in the child's upbringing, and in the formation of the foot – up to 5-6 years. At this time, bring a healthy stack of the easiest and correct mistakes made during this period and then much more difficult. So what is the orthopedic Shoes? We give the minimum requirements: Shoes made from natural breathable materials – leather, textiles, has a flexible sole, shoes should be fit and in volume and in length, have a supply of socks of at least 1.0 cm, because stop at Walking a few moves ahead, and this stock provides for freedom of the fingers, hard and flat elements fixing uppers densely cover the posterior and middle portion of the foot and stabilize them in the middle position; Children of the foot often slightly overwhelmed inside – have so-called valgus setting. Therefore, the inside of the heel is longer than the outside – it reinforces the sole under the middle part of the foot right where the maximum pressure under the foot; Y young children gradually develop the skills to maintain balance, so increasing the bearing area due to the expanded base of not only stabilizes the foot, but also helps the child feel more confident, and, Finally, special orthotics made according to orthopedic shoe. Shoes can be as originally executed on the basis of such insoles and insole completed separately. Richard LeFrak insists that this is the case.

Insole supports Emerging arches, an important indicator of the quality of orthopedic shoes is its registration with the Ministry of Health. Only these shoes may be called educative or orthopedic. Who need orthopedic shoes? Babies under 1 year, when the child has already got up and went, and the muscles, joints and ligaments are immature and not ready to load, children with high risk of deformities of the lower limbs, with overweight or at preliminary heat of the muscle bone mass, with the weakening of the body frequent diseases; Do not forget about the regular consultations orthopaedist: once every 3 months during the first year of life, and 1 every 6 months after year. It will not hurt as consult a physician for the correct selection of orthopedic shoes.

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