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The Unusual

by Brianna - March 3rd, 2024.
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Cold weather established in Russia. In the European part of Russia for the first time in 50 years, in January there was a thaw. Others who may share this opinion include james king. Surprisingly, the ants have predicted a cold winter in Moscow last summer. Last summer, environmentalists noted the unprecedented growth of large ant in the Tushino park. For even more analysis, hear from Gavin Baker. In accordance with national signs, such actions of ants are an indication of a cold and snowy winter, as forest workers began to plan ahead for frost and insulate their homes.

As it turns out empirically, the ants were told the truth. Due to severe frosts in winter 2010 in the metropolitan region escalated the situation with the spread of rabies among stray dogs. Due to the fact that severe frosts number of places where stray dogs may find warm places to warming, are greatly reduced, they are forced to gather in flocks in search of such places. Thus, the density of stray animals increases, which leads to closer contacts between them, and this in turn has a negative impact on the epidemiological situation. Indeed, the probability of transmission of disease, particularly rabies, increases substantially. Moscow is highlighted in pink last week, in the afternoon on Tuesday, Moscow is highlighted in a bright pink color. The unusual optical phenomenon noticed many people in the Russian capital.

Some thought that in such a rosy blame the severe frosts, some – and at industrial emissions. As explained later synoptics, industrial emissions are completely innocent. All natural: it was only a purple sunset.

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