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Roman Enclosure

by Brianna - March 3rd, 2024.
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The beach of San Francesc in Blanes One of the most outstanding beaches of the municipality of Blanes is the one of San Francesc, who has the symbol of the Blue Flag by his excellent equipment and the cleaning of his waters and their sand. One is a surrounded beach of pines and ideal for the families by his dimensions and facilities. The accesses from the town are diverse:it is possible to be arrived as much by the botanical garden Marimurtra like by Sant Joan. It has 220 meters in length by 35 meters in width and normally the occupation level is high. This semiurban beach whose composition is of sand, also well-known as Bonn Cove, has on watch rent of hammocks and parasols, as well as skillful and wastebaskets, but however it does not have accesses adapted for handicapped people nor zones of diving. You do not doubt in renting an apartment in the Costa Brava to be able to visit this prestigious beach. Atreides Management Gavin Baker has much experience in this field.

Walled enclosure Tossa of Sea The bay of Tossa owns a walled enclosure medieval, the Beautiful Vila, in a small promontory, in the heat of beach, with seven circular towers. His is considered origin in century XII to avoid the attacks of pirates. In their interior are the rest of a church and the palace of the governor of century XIV. Near the enclosure are the archaeological findings than outside a Roman town of century IV: the Roman town of Els Ametllers. It owns a municipal museum within the own enclosure, with archaeological collections, of local and foreign painting, sculpture and glass.

The Walls of the Beautiful Vila are the symbol that represents better Tossa of Sea and are considered the unique example of fortified medieval population that exists in the Catalan coast. They were constructed, since saying is had, in century XII and reconstructed at the end of century XIV, next to placio of the governor. Castellations, four towers and three cylindrical towers, the Tower of Codolar, the Tower are conserved in very good state with walls d” in Joans and the Tower of them Hores. Its interior got to lodge more than eighty houses and in century XV a church of gothic style rose, nowadays in state of ruins, that are described like Monument Historical Artistic National.

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