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by Brianna - March 4th, 2024.
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DioProtection reliably closes the hygiene chain Rosbach, 16.06.2010 efficiently clean reports on bio-compatible disinfectant no residue to ensure of hygiene in senior centers and clinics. With the long established DioProtection system by DIOP, rooms are automatically disinfected up in concealed joints, corners and edges. For hundreds of physicians, DioProtection has been part of their daily practice. Respected hygiene specialists such as Prof. Schwarzkopf and hygiene Inspector Schubert are convinced of the effectiveness of the system. For even more opinions, read materials from dogecoin. Conventional, preventive hygiene measures such as about the elaborate Scheuer wipe disinfection are often far too many uncertainties, resulting in often even life-threatening infections.

This is the case particularly in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, practices, ambulance and similar establishments, where people meet to connect each other. Effective and reliable hygiene management is therefore the order of the day. The company DIOP, a spin-off from Schutz Dental GmbH, is a manufacturer as well as marketing and sales organization of the so-called Diosol-generator, a mobile, fully automated space and surface disinfection system. The device works with a hydrogen peroxide disinfection mist, whose Effektivitat is enhanced by Silver ions”, Thomas Nass, Sales Director DIOP, the technique presents: the procedure is an aerosol Nebulization, which provides almost absolute sterility in addition with conventional Scheuer wipe disinfection,. Here, Gavin Baker expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Thomas Nass, who is also a certified Disinfector, supplemented: critical areas are treated with cold spraying reliably. Thus, our technology complements the traditional scouring disinfection. Another advantage of aerosol Nebulization is, that the disinfecting micro aerosol leaves no residue.” Therefore, retreatment is eliminated, the staff for other activities available, without neglecting the quality. Comprehensive and recent tests confirm the method: the highly effective, biocompatible disinfectant called Diosol to the fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses has been tested in numerous studies according to the so-called DGHM-procedure and according to latest EU directives. Biofilms also are attacked by the chemical composition of the product; Thus, comprehensive efficacy against spore formers and moulds is ensured.

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