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by Brianna - February 17th, 2012.
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In order to design buildings of St. Petersburg was spectacular, it is important to choose the right color combinations. Theoretically, the interior is possible to use combinations of plain, that is, combinations of shades of one color. However, in practice, plain colors are used very rarely. And not only that it is very difficult to pick up on the basis of furniture, textiles and trimmings, but in that room decorated in this way may look too ordinary. But most of the interior design of St. Petersburg appeals to a rather complicated combinations of complementary colors, which have a subtle game with undertones.

Moreover, one of contrasting colors are used directly in several shades. In homes where young people live, who loves to noisy parties and sports, are often used combinations of contrasting colors (so-called colors, which are in the color wheel are opposite each other). At appropriate contrast can be mitigated by adding a neutral color setting items. Creating a three-color combination, you must first find a harmony of color. For this purpose, a color wheel inscribe a triangle with equal parties and take shades that are on top of the triangle. One of the colors found in this way becomes the foundation and the other two – supplement. It also uses the interior design of St. Petersburg and the concept of background contrast.

If one color is much more area than the second, it is considered background. A contrast is called the difference between these two colors. What is more saturated colors, the brighter contrast. The above rules seem simple enough, but their use requires the designer a high level of skill, because it is necessary not only to choose colors that blend with each other, but also to ensure that the colors premises was exclusive and consistent with the nature of the holder.

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