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Interior Decor

by Brianna - February 24th, 2012.
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Interior decor, from ancient times is an integral part of architecture. Richness of decoration always shining temples, palaces of the rulers and the rich nobles. The great works of art known and unknown artists antiquity cause our admiration and delight. This article briefly describes the main areas of decorative and monumental art, widely used in the decoration of architecture and interior design. Carving Carving wood and stone is one of the oldest and most common types of decorative art that has been used for artistic decoration and interior architecture from ancient times. Extant, These works strikingly beautiful and exquisite work of masters. For carving wood is used as the soft and hard wood. We should also mention the ivory carvings, which are used walrus tusk, tusk elephant, mammoth, horn and other materials.

For stone carving, stone also use different hardness. Soft – (limestone, gypsum, etc.), medium (marble, malachite, etc.) and solid (lapis lazuli, jade, jasper). Known several types of carving. A miniature three-dimensional plastic is usually called the volume carving. In the high-relief carving, the background image or pattern much deeper. The printed image is more convex, multifaceted, rich black and white contrasts. In plane-cutting a shallow background, the image is low, close to the silhouette. Very common notched or recessed thread.

Openwork carving or cross-cutting obtain a complete removal of the background. It is widely used in the manufacture of carved furniture. The word fresco fresco, in Italian, means 'fresh', 'crude', and describes the special technique of painting on wet plaster.

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