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Stained Glass

by Brianna - February 10th, 2012.
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Stained glass – beautiful and spectacular design elements of residential and public buildings, give the room a special charm, creating in them are quite wonderful, magical atmosphere. The word "stained glass" comes from the French vitre – "Glass". This title decorative pictures in the form of patterns, ornamentation and entire artistic compositions were not in vain, because the basic materials for their creation was just a color steklo.Istoriya stained Making stained-glass windows began many centuries ago, and one of them dated from the year 686 AD, was found in the UK, in the monastery of St. Paul. Before the last century it was considered the most ancient, but after the discovery of three glass parts of the image of Jesus Christ 540 years, archaeologists have concluded that the art of creating stained glass starts much earlier. In addition, during the various excavations were found even older songs from the finest plates of stone – alabaster and selenite.

In medieval stained glass windows were common in Catholic churches, cathedrals, royal palaces. Then it was expensive and exclusive jewelry, available only to people is secured. But now, with the development of advanced technologies, vivid pictures of stained or treated glass became popular in both public buildings and private homes and kvartirah.Vitrazhi in the interior of stained glass and a composition perfectly fit into the interiors executed in any style. And if the past were made of stained glass windows only, but now the spectrum of stained glass has grown considerably. They can decorate the ceiling and a niche in the wall interior partitions or movable screens.

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