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Provence Construction

by Brianna - January 29th, 2012.
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Each side has a style based on folk traditions, the cultural principles of the country, the perception of nature. Russian, English, American country … French country style has its own special name – Provence – "Province". He embodies the spirit of France, so different in the north and south, and so united in their quest for elegance and ease. Provence – a region in southern France, famous for its magnificent scenery, a kitchen with the use of fragrant spices, incredibly blue sea and bright sunshine. It is from these elements and develops Provencal style interiors. Its bright, sunny colors create warmth and cheer up. Provence – a very laconic style, he achieves spectacular results a minimum of means, and, nevertheless, it is extremely diverse.

For a typical Provencal style rustic furniture of simple silhouettes, painted in bright colors. Provencal style – is the charm of antiques, inherited from the grandmothers. In Brittany – is a simple rustic furniture with solid forms and crisp lines. For furniture, reproducing a style suitable light fronts tones of oak, chestnut, walnut. The darker or painted fronts should look a little "worn".

Provence may be called an "ecological" style, because they use natural materials – solid wood, stone, cloth. To give credibility interior surface of the wood artificially sostarivayut, causing scrapes and chips, drevotochiny, proedennye bugs. Color solution most often selected in pastel colors. Provencal interior carries the feeling of summer on the ocean, which means that must be used by the color of wet sand, ocean waves, bleached linen. This Provencal interior is going to slowly – a real "village" ceramics, linen embroidered napkins, old chairs and shelves adorn the kitchen slowly, every thing finds its place. This style is particularly close to people seeking to be closer to nature. For southern provinces, along with traditional stained wood in dark tones present facades painted in bright colors. For the cuisine of Provence, the combination pastel blue and pale yellow, symbolizing the blooming meadows Provence, lavender blue and yellow alfalfa. For the central room lighting would be the best forged chandelier, which can be combined successfully with accessories "under the forging of" decorating furniture. In general, the abundance of forged parts – One of the hallmarks of the style of Provence. And also – the use of plant motifs in the decor – be it fabric or curtains hung pictures on the walls. Provence style allows you to live in a "warm" comfort, creating a individual interior design, tailoring it to your liking – from modest to luxurious. Today, Farm steal more and more fascinated designers around the world, and not without reason – it was here were written by the best works of Van Gogh Cezanne, Marc Chagall. And you let the riot of colors of Provence to your interior! Call us – and we will help you create the interior of a Provencal style, pleasing the eye and warms our winters! We are waiting for your call! Interior Club

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